Hello all, this week I had the chance to speak with USAF Thunderbirds Pilot, DOZEN. DOZEN is Thunderbird 2 in the display team. Enjoy!

1) What made you want to join the Air Force?

Answer: I joined the Air Force because I wanted to fly airplanes but primarily because they offered me a full scholarship to the school I wanted to go to. No-one in my family had graduated from college, so that was really important to me.

2) What is your favourite moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: Normally it's work and can be quite stressful. I like the challenge. The most fun though is when you get a jet to just go fly for currency and there are cumulonimbus clouds. Cloud chasing is the best.

3) What is your worst moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: Depends. Probably in training. I shot at a target that turned out to be a good guy. Obviously just training but the thought of friendly fire is a mistake that is completely heart wrenching.

4) What is your favourite plane and why?

Answer: Mine is the F-15C. It's the worlds greatest air superiority fighter ever built. It's shot down 104 aircraft and never been shot down itself! No other plane can come close to the success of the F-15.

5) What plane would you like to have flown if you never flew the F-`16?

Answer: I love flying. Honestly, I enjoy flying everything from small General Aviation aircraft to super advanced fighters. Flying a tail dragger can be very challenging and fun to fly.

6) What's your favourite move in the Thunderbirds display for 2020?

Answer: My favourite manoeuvre is the High Bomb Burst. Everything required to get to the hit where all aircraft cross at the same time is very challenging and dynamic. It's fun when it goes well.

7) How long have you been with the Thunderbirds?

Answer: I've been flying with the Thunderbirds for a year now.

8) Would you like to fly a different position in the team one day?

Answer: I don't see myself changing position on the team. I like flying left wing. 

 I'd like to personally thank DOZEN for agreeing to answer these questions today! 

Hope you all enjoyed reading!