A Q&A with G.Fontana


Hello again all, I had the chance to talk to Atlas Air 767 pilot G.Fontana recently, and here is what he had to say:

1) What made you want to fly airliners?                                                                                                

I was born near an airbase in Italy, home of the 51st Fighter Wing flying the F-104. I never wanted to fly airliners, I originally wanted to fly for the Air Force. I was actually fit enough to fly for the Air Force but my belly was made in the USA. I learned to fly when I was 16 whilst training to be a chef. I was drafted into the army using the Triple A's (AAA). I went to transfer to the Air Force but due to an accident during the Italian Red Flag, I couldn't proceed with the armed forces. Instead, I went to the USA to become a flight instructor. I originally saw airliners as glorified buses but after seeing my students flying worldwide I decided to give it a shot. I was hired by Continental Express flying the Embraer 145s and I loved it!

2) What is your favourite moment/experience you've had while flying?                                           

My favourite moment was when I had the chance to fly with the Italian aerobatic champion as a passenger flying in a Cap-10 stunt plane. The coolest thing I've ever done. 

3) What is the worst moment/experience you've had while flying?                                                 

There are a few worst moments I would rather not discuss, but one of the most intense moments I had was when there were pressurisation issues while I was flying the Embraer 145. I could hear the issues before the plane knew about it due to a sinus issue I had. I made an emergency descent and continued the flight at 10k feet to Chicago. We were met with emergency services upon landing but the passengers didn't know what had happened. It's not my worst moment but it definitely makes you think when you're flying a pressurised tube across the sky at 500mph.

4) What is your favourite aircraft and why?                                                                                         

My favourite aircraft I've ever flown are the T-28 and YAK-52. I want to own a YAK-52. My favourite plane period is either the P-51 Mustang from WWII or the F-104 Starfighter post-war. 

5) What plane would you like to of flown if you never flew the 767?                                                

I'm blessed that the 767 is the airliner I wanted to fly. I get the chance to spend a year flying the 747 for a year at the end of 2020 before returning to the 767 as a captain. I would also love to of flown Concorde because why not right?

I'd like to personally thank G. Fontana for taking the time to answer these questions for my website. Make sure to follow his Instagram: @gfontana767

Hope you all enjoyed reading!