A Q&A With Lt Hicks


Hi All! Today I'm bringing you an interview with KC-135 Pilot Lt Hicks! Enjoy!

1) What made you want to join the air force?

Answer: I have wanted to be a pilot since I was a kid. I have just always been fascinated with aviation. I also wanted to serve my country. So the air force allowed me to do both those things.

2) What is your favourite moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: I have had so many incredible moments, it is hard to narrow it down to one haha. The one that comes to mind would be my first actual flight in pilot training, in the T-6 Texan II, my "dollar ride." From that first rush of getting thrown back into the seat, to realizing that you are finally doing what you have worked your whole life towards, the view from the bubble canopy, pulling 6.5 G's while doing aerobatics... it was all just incredible.

3) What  is your worst moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: I can't really think of a "worst moment." Obviously there are good and bad days. I have had my fair share "emergencies", etc, but thankfully I have not had any really bad problems before.

4)  What is your favourite plane and why? 

Answer: I would have to say the KC-135, because its my plane. I get to fly it, to know it inside and out. It has an incredible history and mission. No-one else can do their job without tankers (NKAWTG). The community is awesome and I love being a part of it. 

5) What plane would you like to fly if you never flew the KC-135s? 

Answer: The F-22 Raptor. I loved that aircraft for as long as I can remember, It is the epitome of air superiority.  It is so capable and one of the most beautiful aircraft ever created in my opinion. 

Well that's all from Lt Hicks! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!