A Q&A with LUBOB


Hello again, I have yet another Q&A for you all with a former B-52 pilot, enjoy!!

1) What made you want to join the air force?                                                                                       

It was always my dream to be an Air Force pilot ever since I was 4 or 5 years old.

2) What is your favourite moment/experience you've had flying?                                                     

It's hard to pick one moment or experience. I would say that the time I flew a B-52 back to my hometown for an air show was a big highlight of my flying career.

3) What is the worst moment/experience you've had flying?                                                          

During my second Operation Iraqi Freedom combat mission, we were fired upon by multiple surface-to-air missiles over Baghdad. I didn't know if we would survive as it was happening.

4) What is your favourite plane and why?                                                                                            

I'd have to go with the B-52 of course! I think it's the most iconic aircraft in history. It's been a part of every conflict that the US has been involved in since Vietnam. 

5) What plane would you like to fly if you never flew the B-52?                                                        

Hard to say. The A-10 probably.

Well, that's all folks, hope you enjoyed this interview with LUBOB. Stay tuned for more interviews every Monday and Thursday!