A Q&A With Flt Lt Neil "Faz" Farrell


Hello all, this week I got the chance to talk to RAF E-3 Sentry pilot and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) pilot Flt Lt Neil "Faz" Farrell. He is an Instructor on the E-3, Lancaster and Dakota. Hope you enjoy!

1) What made you want to join the Air Force?

Answer: My father was an aircraft engineer in the RAF. So my interest came from him. There was a diverse amount of aircraft in different roles that I could end up in. So the prospect was exciting. 

2) What is your favourite moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: My favourite moment was flying in the Lancaster with Johnny Johnson - a living legend and Dambuster.

3) What is your worst moment/experience you've had flying?

Answer: I've never had a bad experience flying!

4) What is your favourite plane and why?

Answer: My favourite plane is without a doubt the Lancaster. It's beautiful to fly. I've never known an aircraft create such a reaction from other people wherever we take it.

5) What plane would you like to have flown if you never flew the E-3?

Answer: If my day job wasn't the E-3 I think I'd like to be on the C-17.

6) Do you prefer flying the E-3 or the BBMF aircraft?

Answer: Both are interesting. I do like flying the E-3. It's a challenge to get on the ground in one piece! There is a lot of satisfaction after a long mission. Likewise after flying a Lancaster - 3 ship display. Difficult one to answer as I get enjoyment out of both.

7) How long have you been flying with the BBMF?

Answer: I joined the team in 2014.

I'd like to personally thank Faz for agreeing to answer these questions.

Hope you all enjoyed reading!